10 Tips For Beautiful Full Eyelashes

Do you dream of natural long eyelashes with which you can flash seductively? Unfortunately, not every one is blessed with full eyelashes, the length and volume vary per person. Get dizzy long lashes with volume and curl. Even if you have short lashes, certain solutions can really make a difference. You can make this as … Continue reading "10 Tips For Beautiful Full Eyelashes"

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12 Tips For Incredibly Beautiful Eyelashes

Need artificial eyelashes for a sultry glance? Nonsense. Follow these tips and from now on you will flash everyone with your own Bambi eyelashes. 1. Bend the brush Before applying mascara: bend the brush at a 90-degree angle to the stem. Because of that adjustment, you get the brush easier against the onset of your … Continue reading "12 Tips For Incredibly Beautiful Eyelashes"

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