7 Important Natural Carb Blockers Food

Carbohydrates and healthy fats are essential for an effective diet for weight loss. Avoid misconceptions about dieting and make the right decisions about what you eat. When we think of following a diet for healthy weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is the food you have to give up. People usually think they have to give up all kinds of foods for weight loss. This causes stress and anxiety. Fortunately, this thought is not entirely true when there are natural carb blockers.

Some foods are better than others. However, we do not have to give up certain foods completely. Surprisingly, eating carbohydrates is very important in the process of healthy weight loss. For a long time, carbohydrates were thought to be bad. Many people thought they should get it from the diet. Carbohydrates give us energy and many thought that this energy was converted to fat.

However, eating the right amount of carbohydrates promotes metabolism. They also generate internal heat, which helps to get rid of moisture. There are many cases such as this. We often have the wrong idea about what to do for healthy weight loss. Keep reading to get rid of your doubts.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #1 – Whole grain cereals


Grains have a bad reputation when it comes to diets. However, they are a good ally if you eat the right grains. Whole grain cereals are particularly beneficial. We are talking about grains that have not been refined. These are whole grain cereals wheat, oatmeal, spelled and quinoa . They are high in fiber and are important for detoxing and removing fats from your intestinal tract.

Read the ingredients of the products you buy. Some brands sell foods such as “cereals enriched with fiber”. Be careful, these are not whole grains. Even though these are better than bleached grains, they are still not the best option. The process that they have passed makes them less healthy than whole grains.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #2 – Fruit


One of the most annoying things about conventional diets is sugar cravings. Sugar is not necessarily bad; just the opposite, it gives us energy. What we have to avoid are added sugars. This is immediately converted to fat.

Fruit gives us the ‘good sugars’ and the acid we need to digest the food. To be the best:

  • Kiwi
  • Apples
  • Grapefruit
  • Strawberries

Natural Carb Blockers Food #3 – Avocado


We thought it would be best to give avocados their own paragraph. The properties they have are very surprising. It is a great source of healthy fats. So they give us the fats that are needed for our bodies to work properly.

They also keep our intestinal tract in balance and give you a feeling of fullness. You can eat avocados in different ways. The best way is to use them as a substitute for oil.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #4 – Eggs


Just like avocados, eggs contain many healthy fats. They also offer us a lot of proteins. These are often associated with people who are active and exercise a lot, but eggs are not only good for people who want big muscles.

Eggs protect the muscles. This is perfect for weight loss. Why, you might wonder? Because strong muscles accelerate our metabolism. As a result, you will lose weight faster and you will get a slimmer and tighter figure.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #5 – Salmon


This food is also often prohibited in diets. This is because salmon is a fatty fish. However, this type of fish offers us the healthy fats. That is why it is not part of the problem, but rather the solution.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #6 – Tuna


This type of fish is best when it is eaten fresh. In this way we enjoy the most health benefits, such as proteins, a little bit of fat and a few calories.

Many people like canned tuna. If you are one of these people, try to find canned tuna in its own fluid. If you want to add more fat, use olive oil. You can add this up to half of the can. This last option is a good suggestion for breakfast.

Natural Carb Blockers Food #7 – Legumes


Legumes are good for improving our diet. The reason for this is that they contain a high dose of fiber. In many places, legumes are cooked in fat, such as black pudding or bacon. If you come into contact with a dish like this, remember that there are many healthier recipes. With a little searching you can find the right recipes in which legumes are used in a good way that works for your figure.

Have you seen that all of these foods contain calories? We want to eat fewer calories than we burn. However, it is best to eat foods that speed up our metabolism. This is the key to making our weight loss diet more effective. Of course we have to keep a good balance between the calories, but we also have to think about our health.

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Jimmy Woodcock

Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

Live The Herbal Life

Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

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