Lots of people have a common enemy in the form of stretch marks. What you need to know about this unsightly skin problem is that it is mostly genetic in nature. This is my personal Revitol Stretch Mark Reviews. Some people are genetically destined to have stretch marks while others will not have this problem even when they gain a great deal of weight or get pregnant many times. Stretch marks are brought on by the extending of the skin which results in small tears in the dermis or the middle layer of the skin.

This ugly skin problem is extremely treatable when they are still new or the color is purple or reddish. When it has been around for a long period of time and it appears silvery, it is more difficult to eliminate. The most popular treatments are laser procedures and topical formulations.

Laser procedures are not an option for most people because of its very high cost. This is why stretch mark creams are currently the most popular treatment choice for the ugly problem.

Let’s closely check among the most popular brands of stretch mark creams today and inspect if it is a good product worth trying or not.

Where Did It Come From?

best stretch mark cream

Revitol, the most renowned skin care company, came into existence in the year 2002. The product range of the company includes anti-wrinkle cream, scar cream, cellulite cream and the best stretch mark cream. With a long 15 years of experience in the field of skin care, the company has actually benefitted millions of people with their amazing products.


What is Revitol Stretch Mark Cream?

revitol stretch mark prevention cream

The company markets the product as a stretch mark cream, but the bottle actually says “stretch mark prevention”. Whaaat! Was I supposed to use this PRIOR TO I got stretch marks? Too late for that.

Exactly what it DOES claim though, is that it can decrease the appearance of existing stretch marks. So it does work on old stretch marks to assist reduce the intensity of them.

It has components which help promote healthy skin and collagen production. It also has moisturizers in it that help keep the skin smooth and supple.

I can see how this assists in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, however what about existing ones?

Well, with the ingredients like squalene oil, vitamins A, E and D3, and grapefruit extract, these all work together to assist to develop stronger and more elastic skin, both inside and out.

With the dermis layers renewing at a quicker rate, you can help eliminate the old yucky skin that’s on top and generate healthy, brand-new skin.


Does Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Work?

does revitol stretch mark cream work

It seems like many people who utilized the product regularly during pregnancy did observe relief from irritation, and didn’t see new stretch marks formation.

When it comes to individuals using it to eliminate old ones, the reviews were extremely mixed.

In my viewpoint, there are lots of aspects here.

People are expecting a WONDER solution. I don’t believe that any product can get rid of stretch marks totally.

How old were these customers’ stretch marks? Did they exfoliate prior applying the cream? Exfoliation is a huge step that most people forget to take. Before applying a cream or treatment, make sure the skin is exfoliated, so that you ensure maximum absorbance of the product.

And lastly, how consistent were they? I understand for a fact that most people are not consistent with new skin care and beauty products. They try it out once or twice and forget.

Many products are not indicated to work like this. Our skin takes 4 weeks to restore itself, even longer as you age. These products increase that production, but only if you are actually using it regularly.


The Buzz over Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

Since it is heavily advertised online, the stretch mark cream from Revitol is pretty popular. It is likewise included in some tv programs and common women’s magazines. There are lots of people who claim it actually works and really effective in minimizing the look of stretch marks.


How Does Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Work?

revitol stretch mark prevention cream

Well, most of you might have a mentality that stretch mark appears only due to pregnancy but the reality is far different. Stretch marks are equally common in both male and female. The ugliest experience of the stretch marks is displayed when the skin faces any undue stress. The major reason for these marks is due to breakage of tissue fibers under the skin because of gaining excessive weight in a short period of time. No matter what the reason for weight gain is, whether it’s pregnancy, fat or mass building, the skin tissue fibers are unable to handle the pressure and finally fall breakage.

This amazingly best stretch mark healing cream attacks on the stretch marks on three fronts.

  • It is the only stretch mark cream that really works on stimulating the skin to grow new cells while gaining weight.
  • It also increases the skin elasticity
  • It is one of the best stretch mark cream on the market that protects your skin from harmful UV rays that are known to stimulate stretch marks.


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Ingredients

revitol stretch mark cream ingredients

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream contains a list of active components like 10% squalene oil which is drawn out from olive oil. It has a potent regenerative property when applied topically and has been shown to be effective in healing scars.

Vitamin E is another active ingredient that assists with skin regeneration by assisting create new skin cells. It also contains vitamin D3 which is important for new cell production.

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream also contains DL-penthenol which is also known as pro-vitamin B5. This ingredient improves the structure of the upper and lower layers of the skin to minimize the look of stretch marks.

Aloe Vera extract is included in the solution for its powerful moisturizing properties. It has been utilized for centuries to visibly minimize scars and other skin flaws.

Grapefruit seed extract is likewise among the active components which promote the production of elastin to enhance skin flexibility.


It Asserts The Following:

  • Prevents new stretch marks from appearing when used properly.
  • Claims to be rather easy to use.
  • Any existing stretch marks will decrease in their appearances significantly.

What is the Reality?

  • Around 75% of people report enhancement of their stretch marks.
  • It is simple to apply and absorbs relatively quick.
  • It has a distinct neutral smell.


Revitol stretch mark cream reviews before & after

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One of the most important parts of any product review is the real results and that’s what each of us digs deep into the internet to search out testimonials. But are really true, the internet is flooded with Revitol Stretch Mark Cream reviews and most of them are just affiliate reviews that convince you to buy it. It is important for you to find out the real and honest Revitol Stretch Mark Cream reviews so that you get exact reality about the product.

There is no doubt that Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention cream doesn’t discriminate the users on the basis of age, gender and race. If this cream would be a human being than definitely, it would be a great leader but unfortunately it’s a cream and being the same it is doing its job incredibly. There are numerous real pictures of transformation from stretch marks to clean skin with the use of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. This Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Reviews gives you original before after pictures gathered from real users.


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

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According to the feedback from individuals who have tried this stretch mark cream, there are no major adverse effects or any type of allergies. All the ingredients are safe but prior to using the product, those having highly sensitive skin can perform a skin test to prevent an allergic reaction.


  • It is manufactured by the renowned skin care company
  • Most of the active ingredients of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream are backed by clinical evidence
  • Many users say it is really reliable in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Some users state it is effective in lowering the appearance of stretch marks
  • Discounts and other promotions are readily available on the product’s site


  • It is not for individuals having highly sensitive skin


Is It Really Risk-Free?

does revitol stretch mark cream work

Aside from allergies, there are no other side effects of using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. If you have any kind of skin condition or are using topical medication, consult your dermatologist prior to using this product.


What Do Users Say About Revitol Stretch Mark Cream?

Website reviews can be wrong and fake but the real picture gets clear by the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream reviews by its existing users. There are the majority of users who have appraised the cream for its outstanding results by eliminating the stretch mark, making the skin smooth and collagen repair.

Even some customers were so much satisfied that they stated that it’s the best stretch mark cream on the market that actually helps in eliminating the stretch marks. There were also users who were carrying stubborn marks that were unable to eliminate even after use of various products and they got benefitted with this cream.

While reading some of the reviews of the customers, I found that this cream works for all skin types, complexion, and tone. There were few customers who reported that the results were noticeable within few days of use.

There is no product that doesn’t receive any negative reviews and this cream is not different from that truth. Although, it could be possible that it might not work for few but that might be because of two reasons, either they haven’t used it as directed or they might be sensitive to any of the ingredients included.


Common FAQs

Q – Is Revitol Stretch Mark Cream approved by FDA?

A – Yes, as per the official website, the cream is duly approved by the FDA.

Q – What is the recommended usage?

A – The cream comes with a clear note of direction to use. According to it, the cream is to be applied firmly to the affected area twice a day.

Q – How to order Revitol Stretch Mark Cream?

A – It is strictly advised to order the cream from the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream official website.

Q – Is there a money back guarantee?

A – The manufacturer offers a 90 days money back guarantee to assure their users that the money invested is safe.

Q – Can I find Revitol Stretch Mark Cream in stores?

A – No, you cannot find Revitol Stretch Mark Cream at Walgreens, Walmart or any other stores. It is only sold on the official website.

Q – Can I use Revitol Stretch Mark Cream during pregnancy?

A – Although this cream is marketed as eliminating stretch marks cream but another side is that it also helps in preventing stretch marks, therefore, you can surely use it during pregnancy.

Q – Is Revitol stretch mark cream good for wrinkles?

A – Actually not, every cream has its own working area and this cream is formulated to attack stretch marks. Although there are some ingredients that are same used in anti-wrinkle creams therefore in some cases it could work.


Where to Get Revitol Stretch Mark Cream?

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My favorite place to purchase this cream is the official website, where there are more reviews, special deals, money back guarantee and their policies are more trusted.

Although it is also sold on Amazon but with it, you will not get special offers and discounts. So the recommendation is to buy it only from the official website.


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Cost: The more you buy, the more you save:

Supply Price Savings
1 Month Supply (1 Tube) $44.03  
2 Month Supply (2 Tube) $77.10 $10.96
4 Month Supply (4 Tube) $132.21 $43.91
6 Month Supply (6 Tube) $176.29 $87.89


My Final Thoughts on Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Like the name says, it’s intended for the prevention of new stretch marks. It can minimize the look of new ones, however not get totally rid of them. Depending on how bad the stretch marks you have, this can do a great job at making the stretch marks ultimately become quite unnoticeable to the majority of people on the beach.

It may not have been the most popular cream for most users, however, if you have actually just got a couple of stretch marks and wish to see if they will smooth out, give it a shot.


revitol stretch mark cream reviews



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