Onychomycosis is the term used to describe mycosis at the level of the nails, a condition that often occurs and is caused by fungi. The disadvantage of mycosis or fungal disease is that it rarely disappears spontaneously. If you have the slightest doubt, you should consult your doctor to set up a treatment. Four things you need to know to avoid fungi.

The frequency of onychomycosis increases rapidly with age. The condition is rare in children, but about three people in ten suffer from it after the age of 60. The condition rarely disappears spontaneously, but it can be prevented and treated if an individual intervenes quickly and does not wait for the fungi to settle for a longer time!

1) Quick intervention

A nail becoming white or yellowish, becoming fat or crumbling indicates a problem. If you have the slightest doubt, you should consult your doctor to know what exactly is going on. On the basis of a sample, the doctor can confirm whether or not there is a fungal infection. If that is the case, he will quickly set up a treatment. The earlier the treatment is started, the more effective and the shorter the duration.

2) Respect basic rules of correct hygiene

  • Do not walk around barefoot, especially in public areas such as cloakrooms, swimming pools, etc.
  • Only wear your own shoes, stockings, etc.
  • Avoid perspiration, use talcum powder, give your shoes, especially your sports shoes, the chance to dry and ventilate, or change shoes regularly, that’s even better.
  • Always dry your feet well after a bath or shower and do not forget the space between your toes.
  • Nail clippers, nail scissors and other items that you use to care for your nails are for personal use. Don’t share it with others unless it is necessary.
  • Use only your own towels and not of

3) Microtraumas can damage the nails, but how do you notice the difference?

Fungi are ruthless when it comes to nails. But microtraumas that are caused by repeated shocks (with regular shoes or sports shoes, when wearing narrow mules with high heels for example) can also damage the nails. They can discolor or break, show cracks, etc.

In that case, a visit to your doctor is also recommended. Only he can distinguish between a trauma or a fungal infection and only he can set up a suitable treatment.

4) Regularly remove nail polish

Your nails continuously covering with nail polish is not a good habit. If they are covered with different layers of nail polish, one cannot see if there are changes to the nail color. So regularly remove the layer of paint and inspect your nails. You can use herbal spray like Zetaclear for instant elimination of nail fungus.