Everybody wants to feel great, and you are no different to others. This self-confidence comes in an entire host of types and one of the essential ones for females is their eyes! Aren’t they “the windows to the soul”. With eye confidence in mind, this is exactly what the makers of Idol Lash were believing when they manufactured this product (to be honest that is just my take on it!). So, from the start, I wanted to find out more, to see if it was the ‘Real Deal’. So I brought this honest Idol Lash review.


What Is Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer?

idol lash eyelash enhancer

Idol Lash is marketed as one of the best lash growth serum. Health Buy, the manufacturer of this natural lash growth serum, has been a renowned name in the beauty and health industry since 2002. The company is reputed for bringing commitment in the quality and is also a member of Natural Products Association, an organization that is known for helping consumers for identifying companies using natural extracts. The company claims for its product that Idol Lash is a clinically proven to natural eyelash growth serum within 2 weeks of use.


Does Idol Lash work?

does idol lash work

It is a very hot question among ladies when talked about Idol Lash review. The company answers the question that does Idol Lash work. According to the manufacturer, this eyelash serum helps to stimulate natural eyelash growth. The ingredients used in the formulation helps to initiate growth, hydration, and nutrition of the hair follicles. Even many Idol Lash reviews claimed that full course of use will give a shiner and darker look to the eyelashes.

Idol Lash Ingredients

idol lash ingredients

The product is formulated with a perfect blend of active ingredients and herbal extracts, such as –

  • Combination of Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, C and E that nourishes the skin and hair
  • Kelp that provides healthy and brighter look
  • The glycoprotein that is responsible for stimulating the growth
  • Extract of Nettle that reinforces the roots of eyelashes
  • Chamomile provides relief from stress and shedding
  • Coconut extract helps to provide shine to the lashes
  • Honey gives moisture and nourishment
  • All these major ingredients along with other works together to provide healthy, brighter and shiner look to the eyelashes without any harmful effects.


How Does Idol Lash Work?

do eyelash serums work

Following the instructions on the product, it is advised to use once in a day. It is a good idea to use Idol Lash at bedtime. This will help you to obtain fast and efficient outcomes.

It is also advised to get rid of all the makeup you have. This can be perfectly done by using a moderate cleanser. Now, you will have to apply the product at the base of the lower or upper lash line.

The quantity of the liquid on the brush deserves nothing. This will be sufficient for the lower and upper eyelash lines of both eyes. The manufacturer guarantees users effective and long-lasting outcomes to 28 days of consistent use.

When using the product it is important to make sure you are using consistently. This will help you get the very best outcome ever known when using the product.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Idol Lash?

idol lash eyelash enhancer

  • It provides long, thick and dark eyelashes in just a few weeks
  • It also works on stimulating eyebrows
  • The ingredients are tested to be safe and effective
  • The product is clinically tested to provide results
  • Doctors and beauty professionals have verified and recommended this product.


Is Idol Lash Clinically Proven To Work?

natural lash growth

If you are reading an Idol Lash review then you might be searching for clinical testing of the product. Well, there is a good news for you. An independent agency tested this product to find out do eyelash serums work. As per the results based on various factors,

  • Idol Lash increases the length of eyelashes by 25%
  • Eyelash thickness is increased by 82%
  • It increases the keratin genes
  • Idol Lash gives substantial and visible growth

Though there was no reference given for about the credibility of the research agency and manufacturer proudly represent this study on its official website. If the study is genuine and not paid then surely Idol Lash is the best lash growth product.


Are There Any Idol Lash Side Effects?

Since the product is created from natural ingredients, users may not experience any side effects. Some ladies have complained of the ineffectiveness of the product, it can be based on lack of following the ideal instructions. Idol Lash has actually been referred to as the holy grail of eyelash specific niche.


Idol Lash Clinical Trails

best lash growth serum


The Idol Lash Company has performed in-depth, measurable and medically evaluated trails using clinical approach. Measuring results with an analysis tool called SigmaScan over 42-days duration, it was proved that the application of the Idol Lash product promotes the look of thickening and extending of the non-control eyelashes.

The only variable to be presented would be the nightly application of Idol Lash to the non-control eyelashes, applied once each night.

Measurements taken utilizing the SigmaScan methodology revealed definable and measurable improvements at Day 14, Day 28 and finally Day 42. The measured enhancements were 46%, 66% and 72% respectively.

The conclusion was drawn that undoubtedly Idol Lash promotes considerable improvement in the beautification of eyelashes when used according to company directions.


Are There Any Other Eyelash Enhancer Products?

Well, Idol Lash is not the alone eyelash enhancer product in the market. There are many other similar products such as RejuvaLash, City Lash, Max Lash and many others. I am not writing this Idol Lash review to praise this product but it is important to understand that what makes eyelashes grow faster and naturally is the quality of ingredients and none of the product can match the ingredient list of Idol Lash.


How To Use Idol Lash?

idol lash review

The product is very easy to use and less time consuming compared to other beauty products. It takes just 5 minutes to fully apply the serum on the lashes. It is strictly recommended by the manufacturer to completely remove your makeup before applying it. Therefore the best time to use it is before going to bed at night. You just need to simply apply the serum on your both upper and lower lash line with the use of the brush provided.


Idol Lash Pros

  • It is formulated with all natural ingredients, therefore, it is completely safe to use even on the sensitive eyes.
  • The clinical studies also prove that the product is well effective in stimulating the growth of eyelashes.
  • The manufacturer provides 90 days money back guarantee on every package
  • It is very affordable as compared to other eyelash growth products
  • It is easy to use and takes very less time to apply as you just need to invest 4-5 minutes
  • Along with the growth of the eyelashes, it also helps in enlarging and reshaping the eyebrows.


Idol Lash Cons

  • In the initial days of use, you may observe some irritation and redness in your eye
  • The company offers 90 days money back guarantee but only on unopened packs.
  • The manufacturer does not clearly mention that the product is approved by FDA

Common FAQs

Q – Will my eyelashes grow back with Idol Lash?
A – Yes, the ingredients used in the formulation are very effective that guarantees to work prominently on your eyelashes.

Q – Is Idol Lash a scam?
A – Well, I didn’t find anything adverse about it that can make it a scam.

Q – Which eyelash serum is the best, Idol Lash or any other?
A – As I mentioned earlier, you are full of options with numerous products but it is important to find which one is effective and safe. Idol Lash has a upper hand on any other eyelash product.

Q – Are there any Idol Lash side effects?
A – No doubt that there are various products that claim to be effective but the ingredients they use are artificial and harmful. Idol Lash is formulated with completely natural ingredients therefore there are very less chances of any side effects and this also make it the most effective eyelash serum.

Q – Can I buy Idol Lash in stores?
A – No, you cannot find it at stores as it is only available online and you can buy from the Idol Lash official website.

Q – How much is Idol Lash price?
A – Pack of one tube will cost you about $39.95. Whereas the pack of 3 will cost you $79.90 and pack of 5 will cost you $119.85


Where To Buy Idol Lash?

idol lash at walmart

The product is not available for sale at medical stores, beauty and retail stores, therefore, you cannot find Idol Lash at Walmart or any other supermarket. This is because the manufacturer wants to avoid intimate products that may degrade the product’s credibility. To assure that customer gets the original product, you can buy it from Idol Lash official website. This also helps to avail you discounts and money back guarantee.


Final Verdict On Idol Lash Review

Finally, as per my Idol Lash review, the product is credibly efficient to assist you grow long-lasting hair on your eyelashes. It is easy to use and includes a gamut of advantages. Idol Lash will assist you experience a filler eyelash.

On this note, it is clear that the product will constantly supply the needed results when used. It is typically a good idea to use the product with all its guidelines.

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