SnoreRx Review – Is It The Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Most of us take snoring as a common problem but it is much worse for you than you ever thought. Snoring is also an embarrassing problem not just for you but also for your sleep partner. There was a research conducted on the health effects of the snoring and it was found that snoring could lead to strokes. This is the reason that the interest for stop snoring devices has raised these days. Today I am to explore one such mandibular advancement device through my unbiased SnoreRx Review.

Snoring is such as an embarrassing condition that people are keen to know that how to cure snoring. This has lead people to try all the snoring remedies and snoring mouthpieces. One of the most common health problem created through snoring is fatigue because while snoring, an individual is unable to take a deep sleep. There are numerous snoring aids available but the problem is to choose the best option. This SnoreRx Review is to present you the genuine picture of one of the most acclaimed stop snoring devices.


About SnoreRx

There are so many anti snoring mouthpieces available in the market and SnoreRx is one of them. It is very hard to choose the right anti snoring mouthpiece when you have so many options. SnoreRx is different from other stop snoring devices because this device has those features that lack from other snoring mouthpieces. SnoreRx mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device that works on the functioning of boil and bite. This device works by holding the jaw forward during sleep so as to prevent the airway obstruction and make the air passes in and out quietly.


How does SnoreRx work?

Before knowing how SnoreRx mouthpiece works, we need to understand that why we generate snoring. While we are asleep, our throat muscles get relaxed, ultimately causing the tissues to get collapsed into the airways. This obstructs the air flow and creates a vibration of the tissues, finally creating snoring sound. SnoreRx mandibular advancement device prevents the tissues to get collapsed by lifting the jaw forward.


Features of SnoreRx


Although the manufacturer claims that SnoreRx is different from other stop snoring devices, one feature that makes it standout is Flex-Jaw. This feature allows you to adjust the device according to your jaw and this feature is only available in SnoreRx. Here are some other features included –

Calibrator – Allows you to read the jaw adjustment measurement

Posi Lock – Allows you to lock the jaw adjustment position until you reset it again

Advance Design – It has a highly advanced design that does not use springs, rubber bands, torsion or screws

Teeth Cushion – It is patent copolymer material cushion that rests your teeth while you are asleep

Post Flow – It is an advanced airflow system that ensures that your lungs are receiving adequate oxygen


Does SnoreRx Mouthpiece Work?

Though there are some disadvantages associated with SnoreRx but overall it could be a best option to stop snoring problem. The theory of SnoreRx presented by the manufacturer is absolutely correct but sometimes the theory didn’t get correct in practicality. But talking about the practicality of SnoreRx, there are lots of people who tried this anti snoring mouthpiece and successfully fixed their snoring. In my SnoreRx Review, I have further listed the advantages and disadvantages, and it’s comparison with other available stop snoring devices.


SnoreRx Pros & Cons

  • The device is made from medical grade durable component
  • No acrylic or BPA component used
  • Duly cleared from FDA
  • Calibrate feature to adjust the device according to your lower jaw
  • Lock facility to lock your adjustment setting
  • Contains big center hole that allows the user to breathe through the mouth
  • It has a long lifespan of 12 to 15 months
  • It allows you to make small lateral jaw movement that is not available in any other anti snoring mouthpiece
  • The manufacturer offers 30 days money back guarantee
  • Quite affordable in price compared to other stop snoring devices
  • The device is available for sale all around the world
  • Unlike other devices, it does not contain springs, screws or any other matter that may get broken or lost
  • Duly certified by American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • If snoring is caused due to your tongue than it will not work for you
  • This product is not recommended for those who have recently gone through dental work or implants


SnoreRx Compared With Other Stop Snoring Devices

SnoreRx VS ZQuiet

  • SnoreRx custom molds your teeth whereas ZQuiet lacks this feature
  • SnoreRx can be adjusted to your jaw measurement whereas ZQuiet has only 2 jaw sizes
  • SnoreRx does not have hinged design whereas ZQuiet has it

SnoreRx vs. VitalSleep

  • VitalSleep uses adjustment tool to advance the lower jaw which lacks in SnoreRx
  • SnoreRx has much more tighter fit to your teeth than VitalSleep
  • SnoreRx is more durable device than VitalSleep

SnoreRx vs. Zyppah

  • Zyppah has an elastic band to keep your tongue in place that lacks in SnoreRx
  • SnoreRx has an adjustable feature to fit your jaw whereas Zyppah has a fixed position
  • SnoreRx is more comfortable and easy to wear than Zyppah
  • SnoreRx is available in crystal clear whereas Zyppah has various color options


Common FAQs

Q – Is SnoreRx the best right choice for me?

A – Yes, because with SnoreRx you are free to adjust it according to your jaw size whereas in other stop snoring devices, they have fixed position that cannot be adjusted.

Q – Is SnoreRx the best anti snoring mouthpiece?

A – Well, according to me it is among the top 3 stop snoring devices because the features that it has is absolutely different and available in any other mouthpiece.

Q – Does it work for everyone?

A – If you are talking about usage and comfort, it can work for everyone due to its adjustable feature. Well if you are suffering from any dental problem or if you have gone through any dental treatment recently then you must avoid using it.

Q – Can SnoreRx ever lead to choking hazard?

A – Not at all, because the device is too large to get swallowed while asleep and also unlike other devices, it is not made of small components that may create choking.

Q – Can SnoreRx help in sleep apnea?

A – No, as the name suggests, the device is anti snoring mouthpiece and therefore it is only meant to stop snoring.

Q – Can I wear SnoreRx if I have dentures of a bridge?

A – No, because mandibular advancement device is not meant for dentures of a bridge and for that you should consider Tongue Stabilizing Device.

Q – Can I use it if had a dental implant?

A – Well, if the dental implant is not done recently, you can use it.

Q – I wear braces, can I use SnoreRx?

A – Well, for this condition you must consult your orthodontist for a perfect solution.

Q – Does SnoreRx fulfill the recommended standards of Medicare?

A – SnoreRx not only meets rather it exceeds the performance standards of Medicare.

Q – Is SnoreRx approved by FDA?

A – Yes, the product is duly approved by FDA and has been praised for its safety and effectiveness.

Q – What is the lifespan of SnoreRx?

A – The device will easily last for 12-18 months.

Q – Can SnoreRx stop all types of snoring?

A – No, if your snoring is generated through nose or tongue then it will not work. Even if you have severe sleep apnea then also it will not work for you.

Q – Is SnoreRx safe to use?

A – American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has recommended that oral devices are totally safe to use.

Q – Does SnoreRx contain BPA?

A – No, the device is totally free from BPA.

Q – Are there different sizes of SnoreRx device available?

A – No, SnoreRx comes in single custom fit size, therefore, you can adjust it according to your jaw.

Q – Is SnoreRx available separately for male and female?

A – No, SnoreRx is available in a single design suitable for both male and female.

Q – Is SnoreRx shipped all over the world?

A – SnoreRx is shipped to 30 major countries around the world with an order placed online.

Q – Where can I buy SnoreRx?

A – SnoreRx is available for sale only through the official website and cannot be found anywhere else.

Q – Is SnoreRx available at Amazon or Walmart?

A – As I said earlier, the product is not available for sale at any other store or website.


My Final Verdict

In this SnoreRx Review, I have touched all the possible factors to judge this anti snoring mouthpiece. There is no doubt that this product is very much impressive and effective. All the features available in this product are outstanding and out of the box. There is a number of stop snoring devices, at one or two criteria they might have upper hand on SnoreRx but when looked overall, SnoreRx is proved to be the best. Now if you ask me whether to buy it or not, I will say that it is you who have to make the decision. If your snoring is not due to tongue or nose than SnoreRx is strictly recommended for you.


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