Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

How do I get rid of my hemorrhoids? How can my hemorrhoids be treated and how do they cure as quickly as possible? Perhaps the most important questions you ask yourself when you suffer from a painful hemorrhoid …

Frequently asked questions about the treatment of hemorrhoids are covered in this article. What can you do against hemorrhoids, which treatments are possible? Cured hemorrhoids automatically? And how do you get rid of your hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids?

In fact, everyone has hemorrhoids: they are the swelling bodies that seal the anus air and leak proof. But if these swelling bodies are regularly subjected to high pressure, the pressure in the blood vessels rises high. The hemorrhoids can then start to set up and itch or give a burning sensation around the anus. We then speak of hemorrhoids in the vernacular .

Hemorrhoids do not always have to be treated, usually they are harmless and the symptoms go over again. Sometimes a number of lifestyle changes help. And sometimes further treatment is needed. You can read more about that later on.

Do hemorrhoids often occur?

Yes hemorrhoids are common! We do not like talking about hemorrhoids because it is a nasty disease, in a bad place. But be comforted: it is not rare. Half of all Dutch people suffer from haemorrhoids sometimes, or even very often. Especially women and people over fifty are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Where do you recognize hemorrhoids?

You can have hemorrhoids without knowing it. You only notice it when you suffer from one or more symptoms of hemorrhoids:

Pain and possibly blood loss during bowel movements;
Visible lines of blood on the stool or toilet paper;
Itching, irritation, burning and sensitivity around the anus;
A bump on the wall of the anus;
A sagging or bulging of one or more hemorrhoids

What can I do against hemorrhoids?

How do you get rid of your hemorrhoids? Some people want to push the hemorrhoids back, sometimes with bulging hemorrhoids sometimes and it can also relieve the pain. But of course it does not ensure that the hemorrhoids cure. The most important tips for hemorrhoids have to do with lifestyle …

It is all right that your intestines are ‘massaged’ during the day by movement; therefore try to walk, cycle and exercise a lot. For this reason, avoid sitting still for a long time.

In addition, bowel movements are an important item in hemorrhoids. The way you poop is important to prevent and reduce hemorrhoids. These are the most important poo recommendations:

Try to go to the toilet at the same time every day;
Go if you have pressure, do not wait unnecessarily long;
Do not use toilet paper, but rinse with water.

What is the role of nutrition when it comes to hemorrhoids?

Nutritional advice can help against hemorrhoids. Healthy food with sufficient fiber can help to aggravate the complaints of hemorrhoids and the development of new hemorrhoids. Dietary choices have an effect on how hard the stool becomes.

Constipation by hard stools and prolonged pressing can be a cause of hemorrhoids. Blockage can be prevented by adjusting the eating pattern. Fiber-rich food and enough drinking are therefore important not to make the stools too hard. Nutritional tips for hemorrhoids:

Eat high-fiber foods, such as wholemeal products, raw vegetables and fruit;
Avoid white bread, this is just low in fiber;
Drink enough: at least one and a half liters per day. Start the day with two glasses of lukewarm water on the empty stomach. This triggers digestion;
Use vegetable oil with meals such as olive oil, wheat germ oil or linseed oil (the latter two you better not to heat).

What is the cause of hemorrhoids?

The cause of hemorrhoids often has to do with too hard stools or pressing too hard. The chance of getting hemorrhoids increases when you:

Often suffers from constipation;
Presses hard during the bowel movement;
Visit the toilet for a long time;
Are over thirty years old;
Has family members with hemorrhoids;
Being overweight;
Sitting too much and / or moving too little;

When is it wise to go to the doctor with hemorrhoids?

If the pain and complaints of the hemorrhoids do not disappear, it is wise to go to the doctor for treatment or advice. Do this as:

The complaints of hemorrhoids do not improve within two weeks;
You lose more than a few drops of blood;
You have a bulging hemorrhoid;
The bowel movement changes;
You suffer from abdominal pain, bloating;
There are regular brake marks in the slip;
You feel oppressive at pressure without anything coming.

In certain cases it is possible to undergo treatment via the doctor. An operative removal of hemorrhoids in the hospital, for example.

What treatments are possible through a doctor or hospital in hemorrhoids?

It is important to first adjust your diet and lifestyle to get rid of the hemorrhoids. Often the complaints disappear automatically. If this does not happen and medicines do not help, different treatments are possible to remove hemorrhoids. Before the procedure starts, a proctoscopy is done to ensure that you suffer from hemorrhoids and to know at what stage it is. That means that the anus is being examined and examined. This is often done by the GP but can also be done in the hospital.
Then a treatment is chosen in consultation.

Treat hemorrhoids by ligating

The binding of hemorrhoids is a widely used method: the excess mucous membrane is tied off with rubber bands. The mucous membrane dies within seven to ten days and the wound heals with a small scar. The rubber band automatically comes out with the stool. An anesthetic is not necessary, because the hemorrhoid tissue itself is numb. You may experience a few days of blood loss and an annoying feeling in the abdomen.

Treat hemorrhoids by searing

Hemorrhoids can also be seared: The cauterizing of the veins under the (insensitive) mucous membrane is done with infrared light. In this way the blood supply to the hemorrhoids is stopped and the hemorrhoid shrinks.

Treat hemorrhoids by injecting

When hemorrhoids are injected, an irritating fluid (aethoxysclerol) is injected under the mucous membrane. Injecting can be experienced as a pressing or burning sensation, but in general you will not notice much. So the treatment does not have to take place under anesthesia.

As a result of the irritating fluid, the mucous membrane adheres to the underlay causing the hemorrhoids to shrivel. Injecting hemorrhoids is also called sclerosis of hemorrhoids.

Treat hemorrhoids by herbal supplements

Using herbal supplements can be the best option for you as it is easy to follow and delivers fast and prominent results. Venapro is one of the best hemorrhoid supplement that you can check through our review.


Jimmy Woodcock

Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

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Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

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