15 Useful Tips For Acne Care

If you suffer from youth pimples or even acne, it certainly affects your self-confidence. Now there are different treatments on the market, some of them are effective, but most of the wonder drugs just do not work.

Actually, you can do a lot to reduce pimples! In this article, I share some of the best tips with you for beautiful skin.

Let’s start with the tips right away!

Sufficient hydration

As you undoubtedly know, water is extremely important for your overall health. We can go for weeks without food, but only a few days without it. It does not matter whether or not you have skin problems, you have to drink enough water every day. When it comes to youth pimples and acne, water ensures that the skin remains hydrated and prevents overproduction of sebum.

In addition, water is also an essential component to protect the skin against intruders such as bacteria, etc.

Do not press the pimples

If you have a few blackheads or a few pimples on your face, it is difficult not to break them. Especially when there is a white cup on it. The reason why you have to leave your skin alone is to prevent the spread of bacteria. If you express a pimple with your fingers, bacteria may end up in the skin. The result can be a fat inflammation.

Be careful with stress

Of course, you often have to do anti-stress management. However, what many people do not know is that stress also directly affects acne and acne. Why is stress so important? A lot of stress reduces your immune system and that affects your skin again. I know myself well that I always had more problems with areas in my face during a stressful period.

Eat fresh, organic, fruit and vegetables more often

An increased intake of fruit and vegetables is certainly useful for beautiful skin. You often suffer from youth pimples when you have an unhealthy diet. Think of a regular bite, a lot of sugar, soft drinks, meat and little vegetables, fruit and fibers.

Dark leafy vegetables, in particular, are recommended to help detoxify your body. I almost dare to say with certainty that acne and acne are largely due to an unhealthy diet.

Be careful with body hair and sweat

When you have a thick beard or a lot of body hair, this can result in extra outbreaks. That is because in her also oil is so that the sebaceous glands become more clogged and inflamed. It is a good tip to shave regularly and not to have too much body hair. Do not forget that sweat is definitely your enemy, especially if you have some acne on your back. This can be prevented by showering after a workout and avoiding sweating as much as possible.

Watch out for make-up

Keeping your pores open and clean is certainly the essence of a good skin treatment. When you use a lot of make-up to cover up spots, for example, that will irrevocably result in more pimples and pimples. If you still need make-up make sure it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Replace pillow cover daily

I recently got this tip from one of my readers on the blog. If you do not regularly replace your pillow cover, this can result in extra dead skin cells, Demodex on the pillow cover. This can affect your skin and outbreaks again.

If necessary, go to a dermatologist

I can imagine that you would rather not go to a dermatologist. However, if you are very troubled by youth pimples, it is always a good tip to pay a visit. Be, of course, critical to what you get prescribed. For years, antibiotics medication is in my opinion certainly not the best solution against skin complaints. The temporary relief of complaints does not compensate for the disadvantages.

The right skin care product

First, the most common mistakes: Do not scrub your face or wash too much with an alcohol-based cleaner. As a result, your skin dries very skin and both acne and youth pimples are considerably worse. You do not want to constantly reduce the natural oil of your skin. This has an important function.

Test whether less dairy works

Now there are many theories in circulation where dairy products (mainly milk) make small pimples worse. Now I notice myself that a reduction of dairy works well with me. However, I still eat organic yogurt because of the important vitamins, minerals, and living cultures.

Therefore, test whether a reduction in dairy results in fewer skin complaints.

Test whether fewer gluten works

A food allergy is more common than you might think. One of the most common allergies is a gluten intolerance. If you eat a lot of bread products every day, it is a good test to reduce this and see if you suffer less from both acne and youth pimples.

Personally, I have few problems with spelled products. Anyway, a good tip is to leave all ” white products ”. Think of white bread, white pasta, white rice etc.

Do not mix too many products

If you suffer from skin problems, you are certainly inclined to try everything. It is not wise to try many different skin products. These can affect each other. A good tip is to keep it as simple as possible. Use 1 type of facial cleanser, 1 type of moisturizer and 1 type of acne ointment.

Supplements work, but in moderation

This is an extension of the previous tip. Now there are certain supplements that are effective to reduce acne/youth pimples. Think of fish oil, lysine, multivitamins and eg MSM. However, it is not convenient to take too many supplements. What many people do not know is that supplements apply to supplements. 

For example, a manufacturer has an almost free choice with regard to health claims. You should also always be careful with the dose of supplements. More is certainly not better when it comes to supplements. Read our review on Revitol Acnezine to find out why it is the best product.

Keep a food diary

Now there is certainly a correlation between diet and skin complaints. Not only because of possible food allergies or intolerances, but you can also suffer more from too much sugar, trans fats, saturated fats and foods high in the glycemic index. A good tip is to record daily what you have eaten and drunk. Do you have an outbreak the next day? Then you can reduce that and prevent it in the future.

Be patient

It may take a while before your skin complaints actually become less. For me, it took a few weeks at the time before I had a really visible result. Since then, my own acne has decreased by 80% (subjectively) emotionally. Especially the combination of good skin care and diet has made the difference for me.


These 15 tips have helped me very well to get rid of my own skin problems. Now you do not have to test everything in one go. Try some of the tips and see how it goes with your skin. This way I have achieved the best results myself with the right skincare and my dietary pattern.

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Jimmy Woodcock

Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

Live The Herbal Life

Jimmy Woodcock being a professional health blogger has been writing since 2009 on various health issues and his tips have helped people  fight their ailments the herbal way.

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